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Our Way

We believe in serving a great cooked meal with fresh ingredients and good recipes along with excellent service. We choose a delicious cooked to order approach because good things take time. We strive for a scratch kitchen from House Chili to HashBrowns, French Fries and Homefries to Fresh Onion Rings and baked goods like: Biscuits and Muffins. Prepare your taste buds to try some good old fashioned home cooked food. You might find YOU LIKE IT!

Dinning Room

Our Mission

We are also passionate about helping our community through social enterprising. A percentage of our sales go to charities near and dear to our heart. Discounts are given to the men and women that make our community better like Local Cops and Firemen. The art that we have on display are from local artist and is for sale. Part of the money goes to the charity of the artists choosing but we can't do it alone, you can help. Together we can organize events in which the proceeds go to the charity you choose. Email us at AuntYeses@gmail.com for details. Help us create a better community.

Dinning Room

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